Welcome to the agora.

Welcome to the agora.

Monday - Friday 9:30AM – 5PM

Saturday 10AM – 4PM

Share with us what you are doing at the agora.
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What's happening at the Agora?

  • denise tjarks is love it here....so rad

  • A.Kimberlin Blackburn, Kaua'i is happy to see your space - inspiring for us looking to create art space on Kaua'i THANKYOU!

  • J Dilla is chillin'

  • Spencer Agoston is Cruiseing working on Art 21 programming to take place next month.

  • Deano is doing it solo.

  • Matt is Studying some eighth century literature... How exciting!

  • J is chilling, designing, listening to Biggie/The XX mashup

  • Spencer is Watching The Internet's Own Boy

  • Sey is Picnicking and stoked for the movie

  • Aaron Domingo is Trying to make a difference in the world

  • Adele is Setting up for Walk #1: Streams

  • Sarah is IT meeting! Planning future events at the Agora!

  • wei is attending a meeting

  • Annie is in need of caffeine O_0

  • Ara is Having brunch with heroes

  • Sarah is sitting upstairs!

  • erika is just ordered 40 quarts of popped corn!

  • Spencer is Checking out The Internet's Own Boy

  • Teri is checking for info about Carousel

  • Kristi is Checking things out!

  • Wei is doing paperwork

  • Taylor is taking a dump.

  • Ben is scheming on hacktivism

  • Mr. Goldberg is Gonna hold his Hip Hop SU2014 final presentations at the Agora

  • John Garcia is Brainstorming #Kakaako