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Method To Prepare A Workshop Checklist

The seminar happens to be perhaps the most communal event that companies organize. Most seminars are scheduled for 1/2 day or full day.

For those wishing to prepare a workshop checklist for planning a seminar, the following provides a high-level structure for starting seminar planning and executing such an event.

Confirm the purpose of the event

Before conducting research on site selection, make sure you know the basic objectives of the event:

Who is the target audience? This step will allow you to highlight the means that can reach the maximum of participants, concerned by your seminar

What is the subject of the seminar? The subject is an important element which can influence the arrival or not of the participants.

A poorly chosen subject will have negative impacts on your entire event since it will create less public interest.

Where should the event be located? The location of your seminar will also impact the presence of the audience.

event profile

Think of a strategic location which will allow you to carry out your event thanks to perfect logistics, but which will also please your guests for various reasons (exceptional setting, etc.)

Why are people going to participate? Do not forget to mention the assistance experience in your objectives. Highlight the contribution that each participant will have after being present at your event.

Create an event profile

Once all the basic questions about the event have been answered, it’s time to look for possible venues to host the meeting.

It is important to work closely with different service providers to determine the type of venue and the location where the seminar may be most convenient for the organizer and the guest.

The list of ideas can be endless, like Local hotel, Local conference room, Private restaurant area, Private museum / art gallery. Following and organizing a conference checklist here is immensely essential.

Confirm and / or develop the agenda

If you decide to work with an event planner, it is essential for the latter to work closely with you (the organizer) and the host of the event, since many details and parameters will have to be taken care of until D-day.

The event planner must be ready to adjust the plan and work closely with the site to make sure everything is going well.

If you have decided to carry out the entire organization of your seminar yourself, you will be responsible for all of the missions mentioned above.

Create communication media

This step is very important since it will be your communications that will inform the target audience of the holding of your seminar.