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Cyber Security At The Cybersecurity Conferences In Hawaii 2020/2021

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Cybersecurity is one of the assets on the international scale. Opportunities and good practices are to be seized! And this is the primary occurrence reason of the cybersecurity conferences in Hawaii 2020/2021.

Foreign companies move up in the ranking of cybersecurity start-ups

Recently, cybersecurity is gaining ground. Indeed, the high concentration of Start Up and PME innovates in the matter and increases its workforce.

This take-off was supported by a favourable financing framework. In addition, the ecosystem of incubators and accelerators positions the country as one of the world leaders in innovation.

Simultaneously, it must be noted that opportunities exist, particularly in application security and industrial systems.

cybersecurity start-ups

However, companies face many challenges and tech events Honolulu 2020 that has cancelled already is another challenge.

The first is in their partnership with large groups whose decision-making process is long and tedious. The second is international. For more information, go to Global Security Map to check the schedules of conferences in Honolulu.

Cybersecurity toolbox

You are an SME and you want to provide a web kit to protect yourself from cybersecurity risks? In other countries, financial companies have initiated a series of practical tips including videos and memory aids to raise employee awareness.

Likewise, employees play a key role in the cybersecurity optimization process. This does not constitute a security audit.

Indeed, it is more a help to take the next step (the first being the awareness of the risks): the implementation of the action.

Renault internalizes embedded software

Turning point for Renault: the manufacturer has chosen to resume service of embedded software. The future vehicle will be “electric, connected and autonomous”.

Therefore, the group wants to anticipate software innovation. Thus, the primary goal is not to depend on equipment manufacturers in the field of digital dashboard for example.

This will secure information and “internalize the operation of vehicle control systems to create a software standard and impose it on suppliers”.