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Does The Business Name Have To Be The Same As LLC?

LLC name versus business name can be two separate names and fill various needs. The legal name or LLC name, happens to be the authorised name of the entity that is utilized to sign documents, file lawsuits, file tax returns, or to present a loan application with a bank.

Then again, a business name, or trade name, is the name the open uses to recognize your business. This might be on everything from marketing pieces to put LLC on business card. You have the choice to select if the two names are the equivalent or not.

Selecting a Legal Name

While choosing a legal name, the initial step is to choose what sort of entity the business will be. In the event that the business is a sole proprietorship with one owner, the name can be the owner’s name.

Any documents would then be able to be signed with the name, and no different advances are required.

To use the LLC in business name, you should have an extraordinary name that can’t be confused with different substances. At the point when the name is chosen, it must be registered with the fitting state agency. Commonly, this is the secretary of state.

LLC or Corporation

Registering a business name and LLC or Corporation

Registering a corporate name requires the accompanying advances: Select a legal, admissible name.

Be certain the name includes one of the accompanying state-affirmed words or shortened forms:

  • Incorporated
  • Corporation
  • Limited
  • Company
  • Corp.
  • Co.
  • Inc.
  • Ltd

Check to confirm what character your state requires

Confirm that the name doesn’t conflict with any current business entity. If the name is excessively like another entity’s name, the state won’t support it.

A search can be accomplished by the filing agency to settle whether a name use to be as yet accessible.

If the formation steps are requiring some serious energy, a corporation may hold a name with the state secretary of state.

trade name

This implies the name can’t be taken by other intrigued corporations. The save will ordinarily be set up for 120 days. In many states, the reservation can be reached out for an extra 120 days or more for a charge.

To register a name for a LLC, the procedure matches the corporation name in many angles. One principle distinction is that the name must include one of the accompanying:

  • Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • LC
  • LLC

Selecting a Business or Trade Name

The least demanding decision for a trade name is to make use of your legal name. This implies for a sole owner you can make use of your own name for your trade name and business both.

To make a legal name a trade name, you will be able to add-on the calling.