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Is Branding The Same As Advertising?

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In times when competition is increasingly fierce and every penny makes a difference, many companies make serious mistakes when it comes to marketing and branding strategies, making none of them bring the expected result. Below is discussion on branding vs advertising.

To begin, let’s understand what marketing is

Marketing is the big umbrella that involves advertising vs branding, content, strategies to attract the target audience, among many other aspects.

He assesses demands, studies the behaviour of the target audience, thinks about communication and product promotion strategies and manages the content and information channels that the company has with the customer.

Below, some strategies of the difference between branding and advertising are described that are the responsibility of the area:

Content Marketing

Content marketing basically consists of offering educational and interesting content to the target audience, transforming the company into a reference in the segment in which it operates and helping the consumer to make a purchase decision.

Promotional Marketing

It happens to be the set of actions that aim to generate more value for the brand and encourage the use and experimentation of products. This strategy promotes your company to the client, so that he has a better perception of it.

Digital marketing

The digital marketing is to create a good online presence for your brand, making it accessible to the client. This strategy takes place on several fronts, including presence on social networks, content development, SEO practice etc.

What is branding?

Although marketing and branding are very close, this second is the area that takes care of the brand management. In other words, branding is geared to the company’s culture and positioning, then working on how it wishes to be professed by its target.

Now know three areas in which branding should act


It is important that the brand has a well-established positioning, defining the values, objectives and characteristics of the company.

In this way, the communication of the brand will be done in a harmonious way with its positioning, transmitting more confidence to the customers.


Visual identity

It is important that the visual identity of the company is constructed in a way that the values ​​and objectives of the company are well transmitted. A well-assembled design is able to mark and impact the customer a lot.

Point of sale

The moment when the customer is at the point of sale is one of the most important in the entire sales process.

For this, it is important to make a good communication at the POS, creating a comfortable environment where the customer can identify the benefits of the product and have a remarkable shopping experience.

Marketing and branding are two areas of communication that, when well worked and harmonized, are able to create a strong institutional identity for your company and attract more and more customers.